Treat Your Asthma With This Great Asthma Advice

When dealing with an asthma attack, it is important to stay calm. Locate your inhaler, inhale deeply with the spray, and allow 30 seconds to pass before you reuse it. Seek help if your attack gets worse. Go to the hospital. If the attack is particularly bad, have a friend take you or call 911. Try putting a paper bag up to your mouth and breathing into it to help slow your breaths. Know the symptoms of a severe asthma attack so you will know when to seek immediate medical attention for your child. Signs that an asthma attack is underway can include blue or gray tints to the lips and fingernails. It is also possible your child will not respond to heightened doses of medication during an attack. Speech may also become difficult. During times that pollen counts are high, asthma sufferers should try to stay indoors. While asthma and allergies are separate illnesses, you’ll find that the triggers for one tend to be mirrored in the other. Now there’s information on local air quality available so you can monitor whether you’re going to be exposed to hard to breath air. A dry, clean environment can help you reduce asthma attacks that happen at home. Using a dehumidifier will control moisture levels in your house. The number of seasonal asthma attacks that you suffer will drop if you can keep the humidity at a consistent level. If you have asthma attacks, remember to stay calm. Grab your inhaler and use it, then wait to see if it helps. If not, then use it again in thirty seconds. Seek help if your attack gets worse. Have someone drive you directly to the hospital or call an ambulance for you. Try breathing in a paper bag to slow your breathing on the way there.

If you suffer from asthma and do not smoke, make sure to avoid people who do smoke. The functionality of your lungs can be dramatically impaired if you inhale tobacco smoke, especially in areas with little ventilation, and you run a greater risk of attack.

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